Tuesday, August 31, 2010

A Cold, or a Plague?

You have NOO idea how much this means to me right now. And how much I wish that a bear lived in my area. Just keeding. :P

I know, off-topic, but it's sad that I typed in 'Paris' under Yahoo! images, expecting to get pictures of the beautiful city I'll be visiting next year :], but instead the first three photos are of Paris Hilton's recent mugshot. WOW.

Currently, I have a cold- it's been spreading through the school like the plague. No, I don't have festering wounds or likewise, but it's a plague of the mind. Something's invaded me that wasn't there before.

I've come to believe that the cruellest parts of humanity have infiltrated into me. The bitterness, the paranoia, & utter jealousy: they've reared their ugly heads, as the devil worked his hands over through my body and my mind. It isn't 'true beauty' I fell in love with earlier on, it was humanity- the essence of being human is beautiful itself. But the ugly sides of humanity are the things I dislike the most in life.

I apologize, for my "overdramatic" ranting. I write this feeling as though I was quite literally stabbed in the back. The only thing that makes me madder than anything is when people talk about me negatively while I'm still in the room, especially when I can hear it. It makes me want to punch them all in the face, quite seriously. The worst part of it all is I would call these people my friends- my colleagues- and they all are exactly who I don't want in myself. Gossip is my least favorite subject of all things, especially involving the degrading of other people. They all lost a bit of my respect, in talking badly about other people. Whether they truly were talking about me or not doesn't matter- they were still speaking lowly of someone else on our team. A team is meant to be supportive of each other, not bitter.

High school's a battle, kids, and you're really lucky if you get out unscathed.

On some other notes, the coolest feeling ever is caused by so:
1. Taking your dog outside for a walk in your backyard at sundown.
2. Standing in a pose that makes you feel like a superhero.
3. Listening to "What I've Done" by Linkin Park. Or The Dangerous Summer, but I recommend LP, from personal experience.

I did that earlier, and it felt like I had just sprung out of a B+ action movie. Powerful stuff right above.

Ugh, I dislike when I get these way intuitive ideas during the day, and go Hey! This would be perfect to post!- and then forget them later.

Macky :]


Kay said...

No worries, we all get bouts of cynicism.

People can just be so... urg.

I just might have to try a few of those suggestions, though. :]


the first single by the format is one of my most favorite songs ever. It's so lovable.

Not a second to waste by a rocket to the moon you might have heard, but it's really quite lovely.

as well as make it through by sherwood [:

Mack said...

Ahhh thank you so much for the song recommendations! I LOVEE them. :D Especially that Sherwood one- hearing it totally made my day. :3