Friday, August 6, 2010

Happy Friday :)

16 years. Wow. What a huge sounding number, if you think about it towards the future, yet so small when thought of in the past.

All I got for my birthday was tickets to a concert [ the Jonas Brothers. Don't make fun of me, I'm not some crazy-obsessed chick, I just happen to like their music a bit, and have a "thing" for Nick ;D ], a calendar, and a "YES".

Actually, to tell you the truth, I liked the "YES" the most. :)

I had big plans for today, but I think that's enough.

This is my "birth song", I deemed it [the sixteenth song on my iPod shuffled after midnight on my birthday]. Plus, it's a really good song.

Unconscious Reality- Artist vs. Poet

Happy Friday, everybody.

Macky :]


Jade said...

happy birthday! have a great day =) i love ur blog btw

Jillian said...

Happy Birthday!!!
I seriously still can't comprehend the fact that I'm 16.
When I was little I always thought 16 year olds were so old and mature.... Not.

What is a YES?
I mean, was it an actual yes to something you were hoping for?

Mack said...

Thank you both! :) I know, Jillian- I still feel exactly the same as I was 15. At least I feel more mature than I was as a freshmen haha [which strangely was two years ago... weird].

Sorry, I meant to be more clear about the yes. The yes is just a yes, sadly, but a very important one to me. :] I'll do another post [well, actually probably several on the trip, but yes] on it- it gets kind of complicated.

Mack said...
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