Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Holy cow.
I still can't hear very well, and truthfully, it kind of hurts. I don't have a burning passion right now to listen to music- actually, I'm really tired, which is good for me I guess, it being 12:39 pm and all.

I have a depressing confession to make: 1 week until school starts. What a bummer- the end to summer. Even though you won't hear from me the next couple of days [hopefully, because I have quite a bit of summer work to still do], I'll still try to keep in touch with the blogosphere while I'm trying to survive the school-osphere.

Today, however, was my first concert, with my best friend, presenting the Jonas Brothers [even though literally half of it was Camp Rock 2, which I could care less about].
I liked actually being able to see them [even if it was just the large details, instead of every bead of sweat or et cetera I could have seen up closer].

It made me feel younger, going back to the music that moved me back starting really two or three summers ago. I sung. I danced. I screamed, until my voice turned hoarse.
I re-fell in love with their music, and Nick. is. a. dollface. sweetiepie.

Don't try to call me a obsessed fan, because I'm not, I just have big dreams, and won't accept 'deal' with anything less. :]

Macky :]

Sorry I can't hear the song to test it or not, but I almost started crying during this song. Heck, I SUNG during this song. Hello Beautiful- Jonas Brothers.

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Jade said...

glad u have fun at the concert:) aww, that stinks about school. i go back on the 31st. good luck!