Friday, August 13, 2010

Being Famous

I was late up last night doing summer work [it seemed productive to do while I couldn't sleep, after reading this post by Kay], and my mind couldn't help but stray away from archetypes & symbols.

I saw on Yahoo! a couple of days ago a story about a guy letting his girlfriend get hit with a foul ball during a baseball game [if you haven't heard of it, you only help my point, thank you]. Now, within this very week, they were on one of those talk shows. The JetBlue guy has been hunted down by paparazzi. The guy Kanye West followed on Twitter has so many followers now [and he didn't truly want them!].

It's ridiculous, because being famous used to mean something fantastic: that you had talent, or was an inspiration to somebody.

The people that don't deserve to become famous do, because of stupid things, & the people who do deserve to be famous, for their fantastic deeds or amazing talents, don't actually become famous.

I mean, somebody could become famous for 'tweeting' [I don't have a Twitter, in reality] that Domino's tomato-free pizza sauce tastes like just a cheap ketchup, and somebody else orders an investigation on it and finds out that it really is cheap ketchup [with real tomatoes], and that tweeter just saved the lives of all the people on a semi-secluded island off the coast of Alaska who are allergic to tomatoes, and they want to make a memorial of him in front of town hall, and BAM! They're famous, and being hunted down by news reporters.

Sorry, for some reason that was truly funny last night.

Macky :]


Jade said...

you know, i agree with you a hundred and ten percent. i wish more people that do good things instead of stupid and thoughtless things would become celebreties. what about someone who saves a life, or donates tons of time and money to charity? how come more people like that aren't famous?
that's my question for the world, and i loved this post, even though i say that every time i comment here

Jillian said...

I really loved this post.
You know who should really be famous?
Firefighters, military, cops, and all the people who risk their lives for peace and happiness.
Not some stupid tweeter.

Is it okay if I linketh you bloggeth in a posteth?
I loveth it.

Kay said...

I totally agree.

People are just so hungry for something interesting to talk about (e.g. stupid youtube videos like kerligirl13 or the greatest freakout ever or whatever)and they don't even look for something worthwhile to hype up.

The guy that saved the epileptic person from the subway tracks comes to mind...

Mack said...

I agree with all of you whole-heartedly.

[I meant to be more specific about who really deserves to be famous, but while I was editing I had to leave and just clicked 'Publish'.]

Along with the people you all said deserve to be famous, I also consider all of the rights [civil, women's, gay] leaders of the past [and present] to deserve fame and utter praise, when all we can think of are a handful of them [MLK Jr, Susan B. Anthony, etc.]. Also, all of the Holocaust survivors [and those who passed], and people working on the Underground Railroad, and prisoners of war. They all deserve their place in history similar to fame, and they all pass through my mind right now, so at least their remembrance makes their stories remembered and the people themselves heroes.

Jade: That seems to be a major thought right now: what has the world come to? My favorite "celebrities" are the ones that have talent, or the ones that may be "too" famous/overpaid for one mere deed/talent, but still give back and don't get a big head about it.

Jillian: Exactly what I was thinking: those who sacrifice for peace and happiness. And of courseth you can. :]

Kay: It's extremely sad that we live in a world that I've heard about the freakout thing, but not the subway man you referred to above. You are completely right.

I think this may be why I don't comment much. I can't really contain myself haha.

Macky :]