Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Still Drowning...

... & I honestly will be doing so until at least the close of May, when school ends. It is my senior year, but things are not as easy as my elders made it seem.

I haven't posted anything in about 3 months- a ridiculously long time, but I had no other hiatuses in my life. I'm sorry, but more sorry for myself (writing for enjoyment is now a rare delicacy to me, rather than a routine meal).

I have done a number of things since I posted last January. It truly has been a long three months! I've gotten myself a boyfriend, & for my loyal readers of long ago, he actually is the boy who helped the man at Cracker Barrel a year or so ago. He is still just as sweet, if not more so. I've kissed him, and do so quite often. I've survived AP Calculus thus far. I've been to Myrtle Beach, & have actually been in the ocean, which is a very daring feat for a girl who cannot swim. I finished my academic team career off with a bang. I've completed multiple scholarship interviews and applications, and I finally decided where I'm going to college- Louisville, here I come.

There is more, but those seem to be the highlights (I mean, if you want to be picky, we can talk about how people change every day of their lives, but let's not right now). Once I have enough time to really breathe, I shall return again. I promise. Just please wait until then.


The Girl- City & Colour
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