Hello everyone!

Thank you all for venturing under this tab (I honestly am not sure of how many people do). My name is MacKenzie. Sometimes people call me Mack, but I don’t mind either way. I am a Christian first and first most (saved by God's grace), a friend, a writer, a college student, a traveler, and much more, all wrapped up in my blue eyes and big cheesy smile.

Writing and blogging both give me an outlet for attention and thoughts that I do not normally share. I am never very outgoing (maybe with those I am most comfortable with), but always particularly observant, which produces writings like those you find here.

I have a great hope in love, and I am a subplot in the greatest love story known to humanity (ask me about it). I became a Christian less than a year ago, and that has very much taught me how to love rightly and fully, but I also have great people in my life that have taught me lessons on how to love others and myself.

I like weird (but awesome) things. Beauty and the Beast, laughing, acting like a kid, indie music, beards, and YOU. :)

My passions are: blogging, laughing at photoshopped pictures, reminiscing, storytelling, stargazing, volunteering, hairstyling, architecture, French, and more things I am learning to love along the way.

I dislike spicy food and bees. I am absolutely terrified of bees, and just about anything else that flies.

I love owwlll of you. Following would be very awesome of you, too. :)