Monday, September 5, 2011

I am on the peak of a big discovery as I type this, and man, does it feel good to be able to know what's on the other side of this mountain.

I woke up this morning & could feel how different life suddenly was. In contrast to the sweltering heat, the air was frigid and from far away. The chimes danced in the wind, the same familiar tune they swung along to at my Grandma's house. The autumn season sure has fallen over the Kentucky hills overnight. I was not quite prepared, but I have come to terms with the change. I missed the cold being dominant, and I missed the heat being a source of relief, not the opposite.

It's been almost a year since it, but I have finally come to terms with all that had happened, and all that is yet to come. That is my resolution- my mountain's peak. I'll explain later, when I am sure. Until then, you should do two things:

1. Listen to "Holocene" by Bon Iver & "The Leaves Will Change" (Acoustic) by Take Cover because they are appropriate for autumn nights.

2. Expect my blog's name to change, as I feel a change of heart coming on. I assure you, it's for the better.

Until another time, my friends!

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Saturday, September 3, 2011

A. World's Fair

dried sand and dirt
glued to my skin
God's sweaty embrace: heat

the zebra chases the lion around the carousel
babes beg for prizes high on the wall
while the older kids desire to spin in every direction

faster faster faster

whirring of machines in a summer night
overcomes the crickets' final symphony
now almost fall.

spring forth for a few days
lighting up the nights
vain, comparison to the stars


Orion runs from his only fear
A scorpion in the sky
Hidden behind the screen of cigarette smoke

Delilah collects her pieces of silver
From the unsuspecting passerbys
While the animal shelter goes on empty

Where are we,
But really, why?