Tuesday, August 17, 2010

I have this thing for Casper the Friendly Ghost that I just can't let go. Maybe it's the fact that although I haven't lost anyone close in my life yet [I've been blessed that way], I still feel hope that they will always be with me in spirit [maybe not in a paranormal way, though].

Tomorrow is my first day of junior year [high school American-style, of course]. Currently, I'm part terrified, part meh/okay/whatever. First year without my best friend since middle school. It used to be easy because we'd go straight to class in younger years, but now I get there early and have to wait for twenty-ish minutes, normally with Dirk & Company. Now who? I guess that will just be a mystery until tomorrow.

I really want to thank everybody for the blogging love. You all rock, and I desperately need to make a "my favorite blogs" section [which is all of them]. ♥ Sadly, I can't make it right now, with all I still have to do before tomorrow. :[

Macky :]

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Jade said...

have a good first day of school. i know, it's hard to go w/out ur best friend, i know, because my friend goes to a different high school now.
good luck