Wednesday, August 25, 2010


I am currently metaphorically yet-it-feels-oh-so-literally drowning. That immense feeling of overwhelm is washing over me again and again and again, in waves like the tide hits the shore. Only this shore is a freaking dummy, and just started school, and is already in over her head [with oil, and water, from the oil spill].

Ugh. Maybe it's just this week, but I've already cried every night and just feel awful. People have mean looks about them these days, and I just can't handle everything as it is coming right now. I thought I had finally reached that point of enlightenment over the summer where I could deal with everything happily, but things of that nature are much easier said than done.

So, to my dismay, I have to give up blogging until I can screw my head back on [and clean out all the oil, which as we know may take quite awhile]. I apologize- I'll try to make my leave as minimal as I possibly can. I admire you all [readers, followers, creepers]- thank you for everything, and please just bear with me until I get back.

Macky :[

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