Thursday, August 12, 2010

Theme: Mistakes

Making mistakes seem to be a major theme in my life right now.
Yesterday, I was super depressed because I'd lost not only my hair, but my self-esteem, and self-respect. I was so obsessed with having pretty hair that I was willing to chop a ton of it off. Yesterday, just letting it go naturally, it definitely felt like a huge mistake [I was bowl-head].

Oh, I definitely felt better about that today. In fact, I was happier about today, because although I don't necessarily feel "pretty," I fixed it, and I at least feel cute. Not like that in a pretty gorgeous long-hair kind of way, but more in a short, small Japanese-girl-with-a-high-voice kind of way. That's essentially what I am right now: just call me Tokyo. :]

But no, today was different: the girl who got a 36 in English on the ACT [a perfect score :D] failed her test for her driving permit. Typical, typical me, to freak out and fail it. On the signs test [nobody cares what the colors on the signs mean!]. Oh well, I can try tomorrow. And the next day. And several more days after that, until I do it six times and have to wait six months. :/

On top of that failure, I almost broke the computer for good, looking up a new template for this [I wanted to go all monster-themed, but that doesn't seem it'll pan out in the near future]. So, you probably won't be seeing too much change for awhile. Or pictures, because my Dad insists that they are "the breeding grounds of devil viruses" or something. So, from me to you: Don't look up templates. At all.

So yes, today wasn't a good day. I made mistakes, and I guess I am to blame, but I didn't do it on purpose. Yelling at me is not only not going to help, but it's also going to make me feel awful. That's why they are called mistakes.

Oh, and if this site gives me any viruses, I'm gonna be super pissed.



Jillian said...

It's kind of strange, because I was talking about haircuts gone wrong with my Mom yesterday.
I had this long (it hit mid chest) one length hair, and I decided to go get it cut at a really fancy place.
The lady asked if I wanted layers and I shrugged.
"Do you want it more emo or rocker?" she asked.
I remember biting my lip and being all "Gosh, please no emo".

So I got this really choppy almost bob that my Mom hated. My Uncle (dad's brother) asked if I had cut my hair myself. And that one stung. But we were eating dinner and my Dad looked over at it and said "Hey Jillian, I really like your hair that way, it's more interesting".

So yesterday my Mom was saying how my uncle is more style minded than my dad and it was kind of ticking me off.

Well, I know they always say this, but it honestly is just hair. This comment is long already.
And Japanese chic is kind of cute, coming from a non anime person.

Okay, the permit test is total rubbish.
I got all freaked out about and studied the whole darn manuel. And I did okay. 19 out of 20. But they ask tricky questions. And I took about 15 minutes on it. I'm sure you'll get it next time.

Viruses stink. I have a mac, so I haven't worried about that in awhile. But I used to have a PC and the anti virus software drove me nuts.

Yelling at ANYONE never helps.

By the way, you look sort of like my friend Paige.
It's a compliment.

Jade said...

sorry 'bout ur driving test, maybe u were just nervous? well, good luck next time :)
reall? templates give computers viruses...? that's odd.

Mack said...

JILLIAN: Lucky [about the length]! I can't grow my hair beyond my shoulders, so at least it won't take long to grow it out again.

I'm sorry about your 'hairy' situation. Mine was the opposite- they hated how it used to look when I loved it, but now my Mom thinks it's 'adorable'. I'm sure you looked pretty, anyways [choppy is my personal favorite; mine used to be layered & messy on the top, and straightened & thin on the bottom]. :D

I'm not an anime person, either, but thanks. :]

I agree on the test, too. Our test is split up into a 30-question rules test, and a 10-question signs test. You have to get a 80% on both, and apparently I failed just on the signs, which isn't that hard when they asked me questions about signs I'd NEVER seen in my life.

I'll have to look into a Mac when we get a new computer sometime, thanks. :]

And thank you for the compliment [and the 'full-thought' comment.] I appreciate it! :D

JADE: I really was nervous, and thanks. :] I'm maybe taking it today again, so I'm hoping for the best.

And yes, yes they do give you viruses. Just googling "free blogger templates" and clicking the link to the site, they got me.