Saturday, August 21, 2010

I Never Thought That Skeletons Were Beautiful, Why Do You?

*Warning: Self-esteem is my favorite subject. If you are a teenage growing-up girl [or boy], the following words may have a bigger impact on you than imagined. I'm just stating my personal opinion, so please don't write rude comments on it.

I am absolutely, positively disgusted by how many blogs I just found that were about teenage girls and their "dieting." Being skinny and being healthy are two very different things. The part that truly disgusted me was the fact that they had so many followers, all wanting the same thing.

I am a teenage girl- I sometimes realize experience the extreme pressure to "be skinny," and it's shattering against esteems. But ohmygoodness, people are a lot more beautiful if they are healthy. If they eat healthily, and get adequate exercise [although too much of these can be a bad thing], they should be darn "good enough" [what do they do it for, anyways? Prettiness? I never thought that the skeletons around at Halloween were "pretty"...].

Don't comment on this saying that "it's a disease", or "it's a disorder". It has a cure, combined with love and support.

Now, I can't say this without a disclaimer. As of right now, I am a healthy human being. I have never been anorexic. Although short in stature, I am healthy in weight, and proud of my body. I'm not yet comfortable with myself just yet, but that's because of a low self-esteem from my appearance [my view of all human beings having beauty, as humans and creations with thoughts and passions and hearts has seemed to take a toll on my self-confidence when I look in the mirror]. And even then, through love and support, I'm slowly gaining the confidence to be happy with myself. I've accepted that I'll never be perfect, and I'm cool with that.

Teenage boys may want boobs and stomachs, but eventually none of that will matter if there isn't a face or a healthy soul to back it up. What girls should be more proud of are their faces and their souls, not their physical features. Boost that up, make those beautiful.

I write this after going a whole day not caring about my hair, or how awful it may have looked in the rain, or how my right eyebrow needs to be plucked a little bit more. I'm also now craving a whole bag of Doritos.

Macky :]


Jade said...

i totally agree with you. i love the title, i never thought of it that way. i agree that teenage girls care too much about their weight than what they're putting out into the world on facebook or something like that. i mean really, bones are not pretty, and don't they even care that they'll die of low nutrition, or have a heart attack? i read somewhere that it makes your heart beat irregular, and your heart tissue can be scarred permanently. sounds great, huh?

Lilith'sMumma said...

Your mint oi! I see so many young girls like this. And to be honest guys prefer girls who look healthy! Not girls who are skin and bones and look as though they need to eat a pie.


Kay said...

I found a whole freaking army of "pro-ana" blogs a couple of weeks ago, and I was straight up horrified. Some of the blogs had over 150 followers, and there were comments saying things like "oh, you're so strong! keep up the good work!"

I just wanted to shout at the computer, "STOP IT YOU'RE KILLING YOURSELF!"

Body image is plaguing our generation :[