Monday, August 23, 2010

What a Hoooooot (Potential Wallflower-Watching).

I really wanna see that movie with the owls as the main characters, even though it looks as "fantastic" as The Polar Express. Which is not, in my opinion. It's a deep rue that has a backstory I don't feel like telling. I have this fascination for owls lately, like fancies for owl jewelry and owl dresses and owl purses.

Isn't it funny that the song played on the commercial is by Owl City? :P


I have an epic blog post I'm constructing about the things of summer: what I've done/learned, the soundtrack of my summer, my favorite things about it, favorite new quotes, et cetera. A sneak preview's in this post [the lesson, at least- I'm just applying it to today]! :O

One lesson I've learned: I'm a lot more perceptive of people now with body language and the similarities of other people in myself.

So, there's this kid one year younger than I at my school, who sat next to me and my friend today at lunch. No words, no smiles, just sitting awkwardly shifting in his seat at the end of the table.

It's really ironic, how two people can be so alike, yet so different at the same time. Let us review:

1. Both me and this kid are awkward, and if my friend wasn't there I would be doing the same awkward shifting sitting next to random people, feeling uncomfortable. In fact, I do do it- every single morning, while waiting for the bell to signal us to class. I sit in the hallway, waiting for my friend who never comes, and I just give up and go up to class eventually when I can.

2. He had his arms held around his stomach, so one could assume that he's very sheltered [like myself also, except in guy form; I've been trying to stop that lately].

Me and that very friend had seen him before, but never dared to strike a conversation with him [or, in my friend's case, to hug him].

It's so odd, because I had daydreamed over the summer about meeting somebody. A guy who was sensitive and sweet. Perceptive and contemplative. Has hope, and likes music, art, and blogging. Basically, I was hoping for another Wallflower, like myself, and I think I just may have found one. :] Possibly not- he could be just some other guy, except with cool hair. Maybe [hopefully] that's not the case. But no, I'm completely not confident enough to just say "Hi! What's your name?" No, I sat at the table while he looked at me across the table to talk to him, and I couldn't face my fears. I hope he sits next to us tomorrow again- my friend will obviously probably try to engage in a conversation, but I'd like to try it for myself; to be brave for once in my life.

It is weird to ponder this much about a total stranger? I'm not sure, but I've done it anyways.

Macky :]


amelia. said...

i've been obsessed with owls for like three years. i have so many owl objects. and i want to see that movie, purely based on the fact that i love owls so much! but.... i love the polar express. haha. that movie makes me happy. :) and don't worry, i also think too much about strangers. people who i've never talked to. haha.

Kay said...

owl necklaces. forever 21. GAH.

a stranger can be the raw material for a good friend :D

Jillian said...

I have an owl hoodie I got from Roxy.
I love it, even though it's really old and nubby.
It's gray with purple and green owls stitched here and there.

I have had crushes on complete strangers I saw in the hallways at school (I did end up talk to one of them, and he turned out to be a really awesome music freak) so I don't think you're crazy at all.

No, the way would be to show him that you're a wallflower too. Like, awkwardly stand around him a bit, shy smiles, sort of thing. Nothing too friendly at first or that defeats the wallflower click in my opinion. Then you should say hi after he has an idea of who you are.

Or you could just run up to him and start talking like I did.... Haha.

I love your blog SO. FREAKING. MUCH.

Mack said...

Thank you 'owl' haha. :]

Hippie: I think The Polar Express is cute, but we had few field trips in elementary school, and longstoryshort, I got sick, couldn't go, and was 'tortured' about it for a long while.

Kay: They're exactly what has inspired me to become so obsessed. And an owl dress. That's some good advice, though. I'll keep that in mind. :]

Jillian: Sounds like an awesome hoodie. :]
I do have crushes on strangers, too. I 'say' [dream] I could go up and just friendly talk to them, but I just can't approach people. I wish I could, but it's impossible to me.

Iloveyourblog also[allthreeofyoursreally],
Macky :]