Saturday, August 7, 2010

All Made Before the Stroke of Twelve

While I'm 16...

1. I wish I get taller.
2. I wish that I get more hugs.
3. I wish I can look back next year [on this year] and be happy with all that's happened.
4. I wish for the prosperity of my family, friends [and followers!], and my dog.
5. I wish for a Holiday Parade concert I can actually go to.
6. I wish for becoming a PSAT semi-finalist.
7. I wish that I grow out of my "awkward" phase [which may just be my life...].
8. I wish I had a fancy camera.
9. I wish for at least one really good friend at all times.
10. I wish to find out if he likes me or not.
11. I wish to find courage and hope everyday.
12. I wish that Barack Obama survives his term, and that he actually makes all the changes he promised.
13. I wish that I'll see the world change for the better; for the more peaceful.
14. I wish that this year a lot of people realize looks don't matter, and learn to see past the shell and love.
15. I wish that I don't see myself corrupted by the now-negative society around me.
16. I wish I could get just ONE kiss, but also I wish I can live without it.

Macky :]

All Those Nights- Chase Coy. Sorry if the video stinks [I didn't listen to it, but the song's importante] This is the only song that comes to mind right now. Enjoy!


Jade said...

i hope u get all ur wishes!

Kay said...


And congrats on the "yes" [:

Mack said...

Thanks you guys. :D