Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Ahh. Now I'm bored. Terrified was a bit of an overreaction [I'm a teenager: everything we say is an exaggeration]. More like my first day of school is over, and now I am completely and utterly bored.

Today is my last day of freedom, essentially: the last "easy" day. Now all I can think of is what's ahead: the two AP tests, my college class, the PSAT, my hair [it doesn't matter the situation, it's basically always on my mind], the ACT, state testing....

*Brain explodes*

Running on little food and sleep isn't my favorite, either.

I'm happy though, because at least I'm facing them all with some of my closest friends [except for my best friend- this morning was bittersweet].

I didn't see him today. As of right now, maybe it's better that way. As of right now, I don't care.

This year is going to be really busy, but hopefully I can find time within it to halfway enjoy myself.

And see Vampires Suck, because that movie seems hilarious.

Macky ;]

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