Friday, October 1, 2010


I'm tired, so sorry for your wasting your time. Actually, scratch that. I'm not sorry, really. People shouldn't apologize for saying what they think, EVER [except for when it's something extremely rude, in which case "no offense" or "sorry" work as relieving statements]. My mind's working a mile a minute, just spitting out quite some gibberish. Maybe some one else can figure out my brain's methods to this? Maybe you can work me out before I can?

We're watching this movie on Mozart in VPA. So far, I'm just like WOW. What a buttface, really. Every musician worships this guy, really? [Actually, he isn't that bad, but it got me thinking about how we idolize people who don't deserve to be... I believe we've had this conversation before.] It confuses me, how talent goes to people sometimes. Sometimes, they completely misuse it, and part goes to waste. Why, though? Why on Earth would this be? Another mystery to humanity, I guess.
Taking only possibilities and turning them into pure beauty is a fascinating thing, though. Consider all the things to post about, all of the millions of words waiting patiently to be used. No limitations, all free. Just astounding. I think that's maybe why I love "nobody" singers- because I know they made it all themselves, created something out of nothing. They seem more in-touch with themselves.

On another note, sea cucumbers "breathe" through their butts. But seriously, who is so bored [or obsessed] with sea cucumbers that they're going to freaking watch them and see how they breathe?

Everything feels surreal right now. They're screaming downstairs at the TV, while everyone else is out and enjoying the night. I'm stuck inside, alone in this room, feeling totally out of place. Where do I belong? I'm not sure, at all.

Lately, loneliness has grown on me. I've been searching for some satisfaction, but now can't find anything. It's hollow. I'm really hoping that since this is fall break, I'll feel more complete by the end. Hopefully, I'll come back with something fantastic to blog about. :]

I wrote you a poem
I wrote you a song
But it didn't work out
Now the words are all wrong
We danced in the moonlight
And under the stars
But look in my eyes
Forget where you are
You have some beauty
You have some skill
It comes with nature
Oh what a thrill
But it's wasted away
And our feelings combust
The sound of hearts breaking
As our souls turned to dust.

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