Saturday, October 2, 2010

oh, and here's your knife. i finally pulled it out of my back.

Don't ever, EVER, compare me to anyone else. EVER. Especially to the person that keeps on stabbing me in the back, over and over again. All I wanted was the best for you- that's why I didn't put up a fight when you dumped me. It hurt, but I did it any way. She used you- just like everyone else. I saw it. I heard it. And she threw you away, like a wrapper, once she was done with you. But still, you insisted we were similar. That's why we don't talk anymore. That's why even though I miss your friendship, you're not worth my time, trying to change your mind of that stupid little idea that infiltrated itself into your brain somehow. Someday, things may be different. I doubt it, but I can hope.


Sorry for writing so negatively lately. I'm hoping to let it all out now, so I can be peaceful over my break & when I get back. :]

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Kay said...

It's all good. We all need the negative to really feel happy.

Best of luck <3