Friday, October 15, 2010

Need a Solution to Boredom [Tag-Time]?

Whoa, I totally forgot about this [I'm really sorry]!

Thank you to Christopher [ one of my favorite bloggers on the scene- he writes at The Chin Scratcher ], for saving me from boredom I was starting to have, if not for this tag. In this tag, I have to answer eight of his questions, then make eight of my own, and finally tag whoever I want [which actually means to me that EVERYONE THAT FOLLOWS ME IS TAGGED.] Everyone is welcome to try it out, or they don't have to. You know- do whatever you want. Okay? Okay, cool. :]


1) Favorite John Hughes movie?
Okay, I knew him from the National Lampoon movies, but I had no idea he did the Home Alone series, too. I worshipped Home Alone as a kid- me and my brother and sister seriously devised a plan to use, if burglars broke into our house. Let me just say it included boxes full of toy cars, pillows, paint, and lightbulbs.

2) Most shameful celebrity crush?
Hahaha- I'm not actually ashamed of liking anyone, really. I could answer something lame, like Ralph Macchio [the REAL Karate Kid], or Kevin Bacon [from Footloose], even though both were not from my time, and pretty old by the time I saw them. I'm not ashamed of liking anybody- even the troll kid off of Halloweentown, or Ned from Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide.

3) Quick! If you were directing your first music video for a slow, tragic alternative-rock song, what would the basic plot and setting be?
A city of some sort, when it's rainy, under a bus stop [?]. The main singer would walk along and see his "love" everywhere on the TV screens [as being kidnapped/dead], and it'd just be a dreary little ditty.

4) What's your dream place to live?
As of right now: New Harmony, Indiana. Or somewhere up in New England.
By spring break of this year: probably France. :D

5) If you were stuck on a desert island with nothing but your friend and an Introduction to Calculus textbook, how long would you wait before you ate your friend?
I wouldn't eat them until they were the last thing eatable on the island. I'd try to fish, but I have a pretty unlucky past with fishing poles, so that might be kind of soon.

6) If you could meet anyone from history, from religious icon to child star from 80's sitcom, who would it be and why?
Adam Young [Owl City] or Jason Mraz. They just seem really down-to-earth, and sound like they'd have some really amazing conversations.

7) What invention do you wish you were credited with?
Electronic fireflies that "fly" around a room like the real deal, not that they exist yet. But they will. Oh trust me, they will.

8) Now I'll have to go with a classic one: if you could have any superpower except super-strength and X-ray vision, which would it be and why?
I'd choose invisibility. There'd be so much more I would do in life if I could turn invisible to do it. ;]

Oh, so now I have my eight questions. For anyone and everyone. You follow, you do it [but please don't unfollow me because you don't want to!]. :P

1. What is your favorite [oddly-named] shade of a color? [Don't you dare give me "purple"; Look up Crayola on Wikipedia, and pick out a shade- like my favorite is Alien Armpit Green] :D
2. What defines you?
3. Have you ever done the "Fruit Salad" dance? Or seen Out of the Box?
4. What's your current favorite song [so I can love it, too]?
5. How's life going for you right now [because yes, I do care]?
6. What's something unique about your childhood?
7. Do you smile a lot [You should :D]?
8. What's your favorite quote &/or picture?

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That Blond Guy said...

ADAM YOUNG! Owl City is awesome. It doesn't even matter how good their music is. With a name like that, they're automatically the best band ever.