Monday, October 11, 2010

The Near [Hopefully Happier] Future of This Blog

This is so frustrating. I really have SO much to say [and a new idea! although it's equally depressing, it's also interesting], but no one to say it to, and no time to say everything on my mind all at once. This excludes all of my faithful followers, of course- thank you so much for being here, and providing me with beautiful things to read and fill my own mind with. I seriously don't know how to thank you all, besides hopefully adding beautiful things into your own minds.

Also, I've kind of been neglecting on comments lately. It's just when I don't have the time, and there's a certain idea I just have to get out, that idea overpowers everything, and it all just kind of gets pushed back. I adore you all, really.

A bunch of my posts for a while will probably be mobile posts, from the comfort of my school bus seat, because I apparently get some of my best ideas there, and for a couple of days I really need to focus on this test. I'm going to go back to creative writing, too, so expect some more exciting, beautiful things, instead of dark and dreary, like things have felt lately [unless you all like this kind of angry mood]. :]

Also, you might want to expect a possible blog-name/design rehaul, since being a wallflower and basically alone is getting kind of tiring and, well, lonely. I'm coming along with a pretty interesting thought about it, but I'm not sure, so I guess I'll "test-ride" it for you all sometime soon, or do a poll of some sort. ;]

Macky :]

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