Sunday, October 3, 2010

Call Me a Wimp- I Don't Care

Scary movies suck. What really makes them scary is how easy they make killing someone taking a human life look. That, and waiting on the edge of my seat, feeling like I'm about to pee my pants at any moment, is not my favorite use of two hours. I could be, oh, watching Nickelodeon. Or doing homework. Yeah. They aren't my favorites. I guess I'm the type of girl that likes a good book, or a good wholesome adventure [full of laughs], instead of something that makes me have to stay up late at night and feel like a crazy person. To go along with that, I'm also not the type of girl that likes all those sappy "young romance" movies- yeah, a couple, but for the most part no. I'm just me, movie-wise, I guess.

Macky ;D


That Blond Guy said...

I love a good scary movie. I despise gore, and I'm a bitter critic, but I like a handful of horror movies.

Kay said...

I'm a lover of controlled fear.

But scary movies make me squeamish :p