Sunday, October 10, 2010

Coming Back to Chaos [Good Luck With Life]

As you may have been able to tell from the last, oh, week, from my very "Facebook status-esque" blog posts, I've been out-of-state. Out of state, out of body, out of thought, really.

I enjoy visiting my family and going back to Illinois, aka my HOME state. In fact, sometimes, I truly wish I could move back. Back to my grandparents' cute little town; back to the town squares and gorgeous cottages and tons of farmland and trees; Back to hometown feel. And even though I wouldn't know anyone within two hours of that place besides my grandparents and my aunt, I'm confident that I would still feel like I belong.

Illinois trips are also the only place where it feels like I can clear my head, dust myself off, and get ready to face chaos back in Kentucky, again. I like feeling at home somewhere. Overall, it was really refreshing.

And what do I come back to?


No, actually, a literal slap in the face would have been prefered.

I'm still going to continue to keep my head up, and try to sort out my life a little bit more, but it just seems so hard lately.

Macky :]

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That Blond Guy said...

A slap in the face?! What's that all about? Did you turn the other cheek or what?