Thursday, October 14, 2010


We've got our heads above the clouds I hope and pray we never drop. :D

*I adore this song with every fiber of my being.

Have you ever wondered how many crushes go unsaid?

I really don't have anything else to say about that, beside that it's a cool, kind of sad, kind of happy, idea. :]

A person told me the other day that he used to have a crush on me, and it definitely caught me by surprise. I'm not one to think very highly of myself all of the time, in the eyes of high-school guys [I call my condition confident-challenged], so it was quite a pleasant surprise to hear. :]

I can only talk for myself that basically all of my crushes go unsaid, so just imagine everyone else's combined, in a classroom, in a hallway, in a cafeteria. It's like a whole room of hearts, each with their own passions and desires; their dreams and fates; their many heartbreaks; but the same fatty-foods glued onto the insides of their arteries- all contained.

So, I guess my lesson to you not confident-challenged people is to not keep your feelings bottled inside, and to let them free, like balloons in the sky. Feel something for once that you'd never felt before. Get through the day, because, someone, somewhere, probably really likes you [I know I do]. :]


That Blond Guy said...

I love this post. Such a good point. And it applies to everything too. Our hopes and dreams and crushes and teenage emotions which sometimes seem about as disposable and common as Kleenex.

Kay said...


So much that I'm using caps and using text hearts :]

And this was so relevant to the thoughts that were just meandering through the back of my mind.

sorry for such a generic response, but I really don't have anything else to add, hah.