Friday, October 1, 2010

Shine Like a Star

A little tidbit about me: I have Orion's Belt [?], in freckles, twice on my arms. Three/two dots in a row, with four dots squaring it. I call it "my constellation", just because I see it a lot, and I've deemed it somehow related to myself. Some higher being thought that there must be some fate in it, and I keep on trying to figure out if that has some symbolic resemblance, but can not find anything to support that.

Tonight was the first time I had seen the stars shine so bright in a long time. Usually, the clouds cover them up like a dark grey blanket, but tonight they are shining almost as bright as your eyes. ;]

To tell you the truth, I think about the stars a lot less than I should. True beauty is the light that gleams from inside of us, and shines when we do. When I heard "You're all stars" from my elementary-school teachers, I always thought it meant we were famous. Fantastic. Good at whatever we were doing. That was it; I never took the time to think about any deeper meaning.

I wish more people thought of beauty like that- not just a shallow preference of the eye, but a shining light. If some do, I'd really, really like to meet them. And even though we all judge people on some level by outer beauty, remember there's something beautiful that everyone has: a soul. Maybe I'm actually pretty- maybe I'm plain, outer-beauty-wise; and even though I have an awful self-esteem [currently, my light is running inefficiently, like usual] and won't know this until I improve it, I'll always know I have a prettier soul than a lot of other people.

Don't trust a mirror- all they'll tell you are ice cold lies.

Macky :]

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