Sunday, October 24, 2010

Just wanted to tell you that. ;D

"They can put me in prison but they can't stop my face from breakin' out." Adam Young [Owl City]. He seems like the type of person that would come up with his songs under the stars, in the light of ten-thousand fireflies [quite literally]. Or the type that you can talk to under the stars, and nothing's a secret. Everything means more or is better, under the stars. I hope he's really that way, at least. That would make me extremely sad, if he ever turned into a poser [I extremely doubt he will be, though].

I'm not sure where to start, with this past week. I've been busy: there we go. I've had so much to do, but I kept pushing it back until the end.

I'm really happy, if he is [my best friend, that is]. :] We talked for four hours on the phone yesterday. Mostly, we talked about his girlfriend, but it was so sweet. It's sweet how he's so in love [even if it isn't with someone I know]. It makes me smile madly. A lot of things make me smile madly, but this is one of those smiles you just can't help but talk about [which is why I'm blogging about it].

Is it weird, that I'm one of those people that don't get bugged by other peoples' relationships? It's usually always so sweet to hear, even all the corny things that make most people gag. I don't know- corny things are my favorite. I'm a sucker for corny things. The only part that bugs me about other peoples' relationships is that they make me wish I had one. [I did, at one point, but I don't count it anymore. After a while, they just don't count.]



amelia. said...

agreed, agreed, agreed, agreed.
whenever my best friend gushes about his girlfriend he's so in love with, i'm so unbelievably happy!
regardless of me being mad for him.
but corny is swell. :)

That Blond Guy said...

"But they can't stop my face from breaking out." I couldn't take that seriously, because it sounded suspiciously like an acne problem.

I can't sympathize with the relationship thing. I can't feel happy for a person. All I feel is jealousy. It's

Alana said...

I most definitely agree with you! I have a really good friend like that too and we always talk about how he really likes his girlfriend :) its so cute the way he talks about her. He thinks she's the most perfect girl in the world :) Even though i dont particularly get along with his girlfriend it still makes me smile to hear about it.

Alkyoni said...

Actually, no. I LOVE listening to people's stories! And if they involve love, well, all the better!
Ooh, I'm neck deep in work too. *Glares at my piling homework for tomorrow*

Mack said...

5 Comments [now]! Heck yes- new record [maybe, not really, but still]! You all are fantastic. :D

Most of you all wrote agreeing with me, which is so awesome of you. All except TBG, which didn't agree with me, but that's still awesome of him. :D

TBG: I USED to agree with you about jealousy and whatnot, but up until recently the jealousy just made me bitter and angry. AND, I was tired of feeling that way, all the time. Because I don't actually know the girl, I don't feel that way towards her. As of right now, she's just the "mostperfectgirlinthewholdwidefreakingworld". I always feel jealous at the beginning, but only because they make me want a relationship.