Sunday, October 10, 2010

Fight For Whatcha Got, or Lose All That It's Not

No one ever taught me how to fight for what I cared about, and no one's ever had to fight for me, so now staring at the sky won't give me answers, and it feels like I've already lost the battle before it's begun, and it's all just spinning out of control. I don't wanna lose what I've got, but I don't know how to fight without anything but a broken heart and a couple of loose words that don't mean a thing anymore. Love, those little letters together, don't mean a thing anymore. It's all chaos, it's all out of reach, it's all futile, and I'm sick and tired of living this way. I don't care if it kills me to go out of my way, I will win this one. I won't lose you. Because if I lose you, I lose a part of myself that I don't know will ever be replaced.

1 comment:

Kay said...

This is such a beautiful little paragraph.

But because it has been produced under such unfortunate circumstances, I'm sending you some mental strength.

I hope everything works out, Mack.