Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Things seem much different now than they did weeks ago, let alone days ago.

  This Screaming Inner [Artistic] Me: I guess there's just this part of me that's screaming at me to let them have their go at my life, doing whatever they want- creative, artistic, amateur, anything. They haven't been out too much, and it probably gets pretty stuffy in there, inside of my brain and heart and all.

   =Reading: Finally reading The Catcher in the Rye, Shoutout to Kay for it. :D The swearing is slightly distracting, but it reads like it's coming straight like thoughts. I forgot how much I missed the quotes/life lessons, and getting "high" off of the adventures the characters went on.

  +Writing: I haven't come up with one imaginative thing to write about yet [creatively], but I can feel it oozing slowly out of the deepest part of my brain.

  +Art: I have never been a very good, well, anything, artistically.  Seriously, I can't draw a tree, let alone a landscape; nor can I play a semi-big instrument, because my hands are too small. I don't know, I have just always wanted to use find those abilities, and practice makes perfect [or better], right?

Letthatsidelooseeveryonceandawhile :]

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Kay said...


Holden's my favorite person.

And writing *is* an art. And you're very good at it. Words flow out of a writer's mind the same way that pictures flow out of fingertips or mellifluous sounds flow out of an instrument.

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