Tuesday, October 26, 2010

I whisper my thank-you's. Is that peculiar? I am painfully shy, but maybe it's that they're really meant to be whispered, like secrets between true friends.


That Blond Guy said...

Not really a problem, but you might just drive some people crazy.

Teacher: Hey, Macky, great job on that essay from last night! A+ paper!

You: Thank you.

Teacher: What was that?

You: Oh, nothing.

Teacher: Okay, I swear I thought I heard something. (Turns around to head back to classroom.)

You: Thank you.

Teacher: (Swivels around.) What did you say?

You: Hm?

Teacher: I thought you said...oh, nevermind. (Turns around.)

You: Thank you.

Teacher: (Screams and bats at imaginary birds flapping around his head.) WHERE ARE THE VOICES COMING FROM?!

Mack said...

Oh, everyone is just a little crazy sometimes. It'll be fine, I think [hope?]. Peoples' minds just love to play games with them haha. ;D