Thursday, September 30, 2010

"We have to ask ourselves: what would UltraLord do?" :]

Sheen. If any of you have ever seen Jimmy Neutron, apparently, they are making a new show, starring Sheen. The awesome weird dude [besides Carl. Carl was awesome, too- and he inspired my love for weird animals that don't get as much attention as they deserve. Like baby goats. They rock.] As much as I was in love with Jimmy [who has a seemingly-odd resemblance to a guy I know- hrm...], bringing back that part of my life makes me smile wildly.
*On a seperate note, I got that thing out of my throat, for the most part. In case you cared or not haha. :]

I left my iPod at home today [on accident, of course]. In the beginning, I thought my day was doomed to suck- terribly. But, to tell you the truth, I'd like more days like today. Any day that you laugh until it hurts to breathe is a good day. Any day that makes you feel like you belong, and that you feel perfect with yourself, no matter what, is a good day. Even my OH GOD moment today was pretty conquerable, as awkward as it felt. So, I guess the point of it all is that going a little bit out of your comfort zone isn't the end of the world. The Earth won't crack in two and swallow you whole. Just try it, and have hope always.

Macky :]


Jillian said...

I know!
Sometimes you do something that isn't routine, and you think "Wow, this is going to suck"
but then after awhile you think to yourself, "hey, this isn't so bad".

Jenn said...

one of my best guy friends is known around my old high school as jimmy neutron cause he has his hair do. just saying :)

Jade said...

ohmygod, i forgot about carl's goat obsession and sheen's action figure ultralord. ha ha, this makes me smile :)