Friday, September 24, 2010

"Take a chance- Columbus did."

This quote makes me smile everytime I think of it. I've already devoted one post to taking chances, but I just thought I'd bring it up again, when one of my professors said the above quote a couple of days ago. Everytime I hear her say anything profound, I scribble it down in my notebook, just because I think it's beautiful, and want to save it to share. Just about everyone in our class hates her, but, personally, I find her enlightening. She basically bashes everyone else for their denominations of religion [I don't have a denomination], their town [I didn't grow up here], and their political views [sometimes it comes up].

Then again, I've never really decided that I hated a teacher before [I almost did once, but I found out why she did the things she did, and I respected her more for it, so it was fantastic].


Today was, umm, interesting, I guess. There aren't too many "boring" days, if you have a certain group of friends, or a problem ticking your time away, or you're on a quest through life. Personally, I did/do all three on a regular basis, so it's a pretty sick rollercoaster ride [in my point of view, at least].

The most interesting part of my day was watching a fly [the other day it was playing with trash]. Crazy, huh?

It's kind of funny, how people like to take advantage of Life, yet how they complain when It kicks them when they're down. It's also funny, how It can be really hard one moment, and just when they expect things to get worse, it's like everything hard had dissaperated from the world.

I feel extremely lucky today, but worn-out. I put my hard work into one thing, while everyone else put it into another, and guess who came out on top? Moi. :] Poor people..

I feel extremely happy today, but my face is becoming more tired by the passing second. Like the kind of happy where sunshine and rainbows are shooting out my butt while I'm stuffing my face with sweets, but all I can think of is finding more sweets and shooting out more sunshine [UNTIL I throw them all the sweets up, and the sunshine gives me a sunburn :P].

Anyways, things seem extremely adorable and drowsy and simile/metaphor-packed today. It's kind of weird, how it seems that being happy isn't the 'cool' thing to do anymore. I never really was the 'coolest kid,' so I guess it'll be fine. I'll [possibly] be posting more tonight, but they probably won't have any real weight: just a shallow sense of happiness that even though this week has been heck, it's all over now.

I want to hear breathe see smell feel read touch EXPERIENCE beautiful things.

Macky :]

P.S. Est-ce que tu m'aimes? ;D

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Kay said...


And I've been so happy lately, too! I'm not sure what it is, but I've just been so darn HAPPY.

But yeah, apparently it's cool to be depressed and sulky these days... I'm just a trend-breaker, I suppose.

Oyyy I have to write an essay about taking chances and carpe diem. Thanks for the reminder D: