Monday, September 27, 2010

Sunlit Drives & Lullabies

Darn that bent pole, and my stupid phone that has no photographical value whatsoever, but hey, I like it. I actually took this picture, too, so it's special. :]

In a reminscing kind of mood [here comes the wave of emotion...]

We all kind of have our own "security blankets," in a way. Even as we get older, they grow with us. Like I swear that is a hat on top of my head. I just got it yesterday, and have worn it since- it has ears like a werewolf/bunny creature. :D

My parents always tell me a story of my past, when I was just a child in diapers and "bird" hair, that I would wear my Mickey Mouse hat [the ones with the ears] ALL. THE. TIME. Even after it broke, I still would wear it. And, for some reason, that story [and the memories I don't remember] always makes me smile.

Even today, it's ironic, how I grew up hearing lullabies every night from my Mom [she'd sing Chim-Chimeney, or however you spell it, from Mary Poppins], yet every night I fall asleep to my earphones blaring sweet love songs into my ears.

Macky :]


Kay said...

two words: holden. caulfield. :]

That Blond Guy said...

That's actually very reflective and profound--seriously. I like that. We all have our own security blankets.

My security blanket is, of course, actually a blanket. It's soft and fuzzy and has patterns from nursery rhymes on it. I haven't slept a night without it, except for this one night I spent on the streets of Manhattan, which was a nightmare, I tell you.

Mack said...

Kay: Several words: I severely have to read that book now. :]

TBG: Thank you. :] And sleeping on the streets of Manhattan sure does sound terrifying. D: