Thursday, September 23, 2010

Putting Off Procrastination For Later

Ohh man, this song. I have this strong vision, where I'm singing this song in the courtyard of my grandma's town. "Christmas" lights are tangled in the trees surrounding the small area, mingling with the fireflies, and it'd just be a group of kids, fists in the air. The crowd carries the energy through the autumn air, and the noise makes the older shopkeepers closing up down the street grumble and think their bitter thoughts about the youth of today. Me, I'd be in the middle of a flock of strangers, screaming my heart out like it would be last time I would ever be heard. For some reason, I find no fear in it at all.

Secret: When I walk through the halls of school, I can't breathe. I just forget how to breathe as I pass people, as they glance over at me. I feel like a deer in the headlights, navigating the hallways without a pack. It's frightening, but, at the same time, enlightening. It's the memories I still cling to that keep me on that lone path, and it makes me feel different. Alone. Myself.

I have a weird love of eyes, I've never known why. I've always picked out one guy to have the most beautiful eyes, but he has a contender now [even though all he will ever be is a face in the hallway, I'm sure]. It makes me extremely happy, to know that there's always better out there somewhere. :]

Ugh, I don't remember what else I wanted to blog about today. I'm supposed to do a whole project tonight for Fahrenheit 451 [I'm setting up a whole big list of quotes I want to share eventually, but it just grows longer just about every day], yet here I am, typing away.

Lately things have been stressing me out to oblivion, yet I'm just kind of pushing them off so I can panic more later.

Macky :]


Kay said...

awwhh that is such a good song, and such a picture-perfect vision to go along with it :] I'll definitely have to add that to my musical repertoire of wonderful songs

I know EXACTLY how you feel about walking in the hallway. It used to really stress me out and I used to constantly worry about whose eyes I would catch. Everyone seemed to be on their jolly old way while my mind was going a million miles an hour...

I have a weird thing for veins and scars :] Sometimes I'll notice scars on people's arms or something and I'll always notice them when I talk to them. I have yet to find one person with the "best" scars, though, haha

That Blond Guy said...

I definitely know how you feel, although I actually like the feeling of walking through school hallways. For me, it's like a slow-motion, very surreal experience in which I take to observe everyone around me.

Then again, the fact that I perceive it that way is also the reason I take so long to reply when someone says hello to me.

Farenheit 451 is a stunning book, although it goes down best with pink lemonade and low-fat Triscuits.

That Blond Guy

Ruth said...

Yes, that's indeed a beautiful song :)

And I think I kind of know what you mean about the hallwaything. I used to have that when I almost didn't know anyone at my school, now everything's a lot better.