Friday, September 24, 2010

Storms & Creeper Vans

Take care of yourself. Someone, somewhere, cares about you.

Well, that certainly almost turned for the worst.

I love the feeling of being outside in between storms on a late summer night. You can wear just about anything and be comfortable in the cool, windy air. The clouds over you make everything seem darker, and even in the dark, you shine bright. It's a powerful moment, leaving you feeling a little more powerful. I, personally, was dancing in the face of as one with nature. Eventually, with no warning, I became more aware of my surroundings. Everything suddenly seemed darker and more menacing.

What changed it all for me? A creeper van, casually cruising up and down through my subdivision.

Creeper vans are the single most scary things to me. I am absolutely utterly terrified of them, so, so much. Really, it's the fear of someone else having complete control of my life, including what I do, and whether I live or die.

This isn't my first time encountering them, either. Last year, there was a scare going through our area about a driver of some truck trying to pick up kids. Anytime that kind of truck came around AT ALL, people would call it in and freak out. It didn't scare me- the idea was still a myth.

Yet, sometime last year, I was close to being picked up myself. It was a Friday night, much like tonight, I believe. I was walking my dog, when a white beat-up [creeper] van was driving by. I felt a slight fear of it, but didn't think too much of it. This was long after that incident occured. I saw the men as they drove by- two older men [not "gentle"men at all], with dirtied "country" clothing, and scraggly beards. Eventually, they stopped about three houses up the street, and just sat there for awhile. They started to turn around, and I was so terrified I couldn't move. Eventually, Dirk came outside, to my surprise, and the van sped off soon after that. He saved my life that night.

Ever since then, I can't get rid of that sheer terror. My dog didn't even get to poop tonight- I had to pull him inside. When you can't feel safe right outside of your own home at 8:00 p.m., it's a sad, sad place.

After I came in, I sat out and waited and waited, trying to see if they . Me with my lack of patience, didn't waste that much time. "Please don't take anyone away," I whispered into the empty garage [behind the locked side door], and went inside.

I really hope you feel safe tonight.


[If you can tell me who said that line somewhere, on something, you will get a fantastic (not really, but it might be pretty awesome- I haven't decided it yet) surprise!]


Eleanor Roscuro said...

Ishmael from the island in A Series of Unfortunate Events - The End!

Mack said...

That isn't particularly what I meant, but that IS true, also [since I'm pretty sure no one will get what I meant in the first place]. I actually forgot completely about that- awesome work! :D

Kay said...

Oh, that's scary

I hate how just a few creepers can totally shatter a previously established feeling of safety in your own neighborhood.

I hope you recover D: