Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Smile, happy looks good on you. (:

There's nothing I miss more than walking in the park with my best friend, as the leaves fell out of the tall oak trees onto the broken rubble path. It would be early in the evening, as the sun was still in place along the horizon, but made the leaves even more golden than they seemed before. What we talked about means so little now [although I'm pretty sure it was anything & everything], yet the experience was our connection. And our connection was the purest that had ever existed [at least to me].

Sorry, I am in a lazy, reminiscing mood.

A beautiful day, a beautiful new shade of perspective. I felt, well, like a real person today. Happy with my achievements [in the fact that I ROCKED at academic team. I know- how cool am I?]. Happy in my place. Overall, just happy.

I have some new theories on the 'beauty' of beauty and 2012. It's severely complicated, so hopefully I'll get my ideas all sorted out [I'm a semi-organizational person with my thoughts in my head, so I must get a better feel of these ideas [or at least another blog post] until I implement it here]. I really want to share it, but sadly I won't be finding time for a little while [with my studying for SEVERAL things, and my competition this weekend in Tennessee].

In this 'new' way of beauty, though, you definitely are a beautiful human being. Please remember that.

Macky :]



Tom said...

Thank you for calling me beautiful! :D

Jade said...

2012 beauty? will you post this sometime?

Kay said...

"a beautiful new shade of perspective" :D

I would love to hear your thoughts about beauty and 2012... then I can determine whether you're crazy or not

(kidding... x])