Saturday, September 11, 2010


Bwhahaha! He looks FOR REAL like him.

Can I admit something to you all, even if you may not find yourself in 'admiration' of me, at all? I actually have no clue where I was or what I was doing on the eleventh of September that fateful year, when I heard news of the plane crash. In fact, everytime I hear that question, I make up a lie, and say I do, just because people make such a big deal of it.

I lived in Illinois at the time, in a small rural town with maybe one thousand inhabitants [or less]. I was in second grade at that time, & was not afraid of anything. Not even the bullies that teased me scared me. I never wept [except the one time I thought I'd been hit in the nose, and had an orange nosebleed], and nothing was impossible for me. I was naive- everything revolved around me and my life, and nothing else.

So, it's [not actually] safe to say that I cannot recall it. At all. Yet, as I've grown older [and become oh-so-less fragile and naive], I've grown to realize the importance of today. We take this day to reflect, remember, and realize the lives that were lost and affected by that tragic day. To say the least, even though I can't remember the day, I still take the time to reflect on it all. Please, even if you are Chinese, English, Irish, Dutch, Turkish, ANYTHING- take today to remember the lives that were lost in a disaster of your country today.

In happier news, I washed a clown's car today. It was a MiniCooper. I expected four to pop out, but instead two appeared. Irony? I think so.

I also found out that another girl picked out the same dress as me for homecoming. :[ When I first saw, all I could think of was NONONONONONOO!! Yes, I'm an overreactive teenager. No, I don't have a date, so really whether I go or not doesn't matter. I'm not sure if I can even go or not, having a competition two-point-five hours away that same day. But still, a [wallflower] girl can dream. :] So, along with normal comments, do you think that the other girl would be mad if I wore the same dress as her [even though she "announced" she was getting it first, but I'd already decided I wanted that one before that]?

Oh, and listen to this song: 32 Ways to Make You Smile by A Backseat Goodbye. It makes me want to dance with a guy like we were an old couple, relishing in the love-enriched moment.

Macky :]


Jade said...

i was in school at the time so my mom took me out early cause she was scared.

That Blond Guy said...

I think it's a strange social thing that people always want to know where you were on 9/11. With all sorts of other disasters too. "Where were you when Kennedy was shot?!" "I was in Sweden at the International Refrigerator-Magnet Convention! I have an alibi! Get off my case!"

Very sweet song. Made me smile very gently. It made my heart melt like the chocolate crumbs in a discarded Hershey's wrapper. And don't freak out about the Homecoming thing. Maybe it's a chance to make a new friend!!! ;)

Kay said...

I have no idea how the girl would react if she found out you had the same dress... it depends on how obnoxious she is.:]

As for 9/11, I don't remember it either. I can't recall any big deal being made about it. I suppose that they assumed that we were too innocent and fragile to understand such a tragedy.

I recall my second grade teacher saying at the end of the day, "something happened today. you should talk to your parents about it." I don't really remember any sort of strain in her voice. Maybe my memory's just off, though.

My dad was also in new york that day. He said that he had never seen the streets so empty.

Kay said...

P.S. beautiful & descriptive chocolate simile, blond guy