Sunday, September 5, 2010


Sorry for the 'post spam' these last couple of days, but I'm playing a bit of catch-up with my posts.

Yesterday was a funny day, to say the least. You probably have seen those people that are out on the corners of the street, right? No, not prostitutes. I'm talking about the people with the signs, that wave them around maniacally, usually advertising something. They dance and jump and scream, trying to get people to go somewhere, or do something.

Yes. I was one of those people. Twice.

It's an odd job for a lone person. See, we are all doing car washes to save money up for FRANCE 20-11. :D There were about twenty kids there, so we all took turns between holding the signs and washing the cars. I went down with another girl, who is much more outgoing than I. She was jumping and dancing around, screaming "CAR WASH!" like a person would scream "I love you." Me: just standing there with a sign.

Yesterday was a different story. Onl four kids going on the trip bothered to show up, and they split us in two and two. I was picked to be a "sign-holder" with one other person, and they had us stand on the two opposite sides. I was alone. With a sign. On the edge of a busy intersection. For three hours. Facing the world alone with a sole request.

It was boring interesting inspiring depressing unique. For one thing, when you sit there asking for one thing and being denied everything for three hours, its a downright depressing time.

Secondly, it's hilarious. The best part of my day was when I got passed up by a nun. Like a full-on nun, with the hat and everything. She smiled, at least. I love nuns. :]

Thirdly, it's, um, embarrassing. Awkward. Out-of-place. People stare, honk, look away, smile, wave, everything. Me, being the shy little kid I am, could not handle being looked at from hundreds of people that day, with my shorts on, and it being freezing. That's what cheap imitation Ray-Bans are for- for hiding behind. :] That, and I saw HIM [the now-creepy one]. So, to say the least, I feel different because of it [philosophically, of course], but I wouldn't have chosen it for myself.

Oh, and today, I got bit up the butt by my dog. Pretty sure I can't have children.

Macky :]


Jade said...

i'm super shy too, and cannot stand when ppl stare, just STARE at me even as i'm cringing and blushing like an idiot. but, hey, it's over, so that's good!

That Blond Guy said...

Ha ha, (snorts loudly and stops laughing suddenly). Hilarious post. Actually sounds like quite a bit of fun. Just last week I saw people like that holding up a sign that said "Honk for less government."

I drove the car into the lot of them and they scattered like fruit flies. Take that, patriotic sign people.

Kay said...

your infertility is very concerning... :/

I can completely and utterly and fully relate to this post. I've had to do stuff like this before, and up until about a year ago I was always really quiet.

But, for some odd reason, I seem to have come out of my shell this year. I feel like I might instead be like that girl screaming at the top of her lungs.

HOWEVER, at school I'm like: "asdlalkaldklkas" (just like that. try pronouncing it)

I've been inspired.

I shall write a post!