Monday, May 31, 2010

A Super-Selfish Post About the Internet :P

To further fancy you [but mostly myself :P], I've come up with a list of 5 things that I am currently obsessed with, choc full of details. But don't worry! There might be something in here that'll put a smile on your face, too. :]

1. The internet, overall. Man, I couldn't even fathom how much information there is on here that I haven't even begun to see, from all the way around the world. Indonesia, Hogwarts, Greenland, Oz- everywhere. SO, because it's so humongous, I'm going to split it up into the specific things I enjoy about the internet.

*YouTube. I am in love with YouTube. For music [that'll be a whole other post, I guess], and for hilarious videos. For example, check out Charlieissocoollike's Channel. Just a hilarious [amazingly beautiful] British kid [complete with an accent us Americans find so enjoyable] who
puts on a show to get some laughs- and he does [at least from me]. The link is specifically to one of his videos called "Understanding Teenage Girls." There's another one called "Understanding Teenage Boys." Watch, and enjoy. :]

*Also, another YouTube user called StarKidPotter. They have 2 full-length plays on their account- one called "A Very Potter Musical". It's just hilarious- Ron and Draco are my favorite characters. If you have enough free time to watch a play, watch- I was hooked for 3. Whole. Days., watching it. I'm not going to tell you too much about the second play [mostly because it is quite inappropriate for young viewers, if I do say so myself.], but it is very funny, too. Just for adults, though. I mean that.

*Facebook. Simple as that. Even though all I ever do is 'like' things. [ If you were a page, I'd 'like' you for reading this post, though. ;D ]

*Flickr & Photobucket. I just love seeing the beauty that people can capture [or draw] with a camera and all its accessories.

*Finally, there's Lookbook. I'm not big into the whole 'fashion' aspect of it all, but the titles of the pictures and the photography is fantastic. Also, it's given me all my hair ideas. :]

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