Friday, May 7, 2010

This Is Too Much Like My First Steps

[This is Bonhomme, the "mascot" for the Winter Carnaval in Quebec. I went on a trip there, and it was amazing. I seriously love this man!]

Hi. My name's MacKenzie.

Okay, this feels kind of awkward. This is my first time on this website, and my first time writing a blog. I have a pretty good idea that this is something I want to be writing [even though it feels kind of selfish, to be writing about myself constantly]. This is just the story of me and what I'm going through as a shy high school girl, and I hope you can learn a lesson or two along the way. :)

So, first off, let me tell you a little bit about myself.

You already got my first name, and whatever else is currently on my profile/information. It'll change as time goes on, like everything does.

I'm that girl that sits two seats behind of you, and you've only heard her voice two times this year.

The girl who always wants to say something, but never has the courage to even move her lips.

The girl who is not only in constant pursuit of discovering herself, but also having some trouble being discovered by others.

That's me- MacKenzie the Wallflower. And here's my voice, finally.


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