Sunday, May 9, 2010

Top 16 Artists On My iPod NOT to Listen to After a Nasty Break-Up

[Gained from my own personal experience...]

Unless you enjoy pain.

OR, if you want to listen to them for the love in their songs, that's okay.

In no particular order:

#. Artist [Song]

1. Secondhand Serenade [Fall For You/ Stay Close, Don't Go]
2. Daphne Loves Derby [Sun]
3. The Icarus Account [So In Love]
4. The Summer Obsession [I Miss You]
5. Mayday Parade [Miserable at Best]
6. Holiday Parade [Walking By]
7. The All-American Rejects [Sunshine]
8. The Fray [Look After You/ Never Say Never]
9. Lady Antebellum [Need You Now]
10. Boys Like Girls [Go/ Two Is Better Than One]
11. Lifehouse [You and Me]
12. A Day to Remember [If It Means A Lot to You]
13. The Script [The End Is Where I Begin, Breakeven, The Man Who Can't Be Moved]
14. Chase Coy [Turn Back the Time, All Those Nights]
15. Bon Iver [Skinny Love]
16. Letters and Lights [In Love and Outdone]

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