Saturday, May 15, 2010

My Dad's the King Today.

Referring to the title of this entry, me and my Dad always have this contest to see which one of us can get our dog to poop each day. Most of the time, he wins [because I'm not home until later], so he's kind of an "eternal" king. I get to be queen sometimes, though. :)

Nothing's going straight in my mind, it's all like a Rubix Cube [which I could never solve in the first place].

I came up with these couple of lines [not written above Tinturn Alley- or Diagon Alley, for the matter] the other day.

I do not want to live here,
I want to live in Maine,
I want to feel
The fishermens' reel,
I want to feel the rain.

I like 'em.

I hung out with my best friend a lot today. We talked about the past, and the future.
I'm lucky- he remembers more about me than I thought. I'm never sure if I'm his best friend, though- I don't think I am, but I want to be.

Today, I'm having a random obsession with really sappy/AWESOME love songs on YouTube, like from A Fine Frenzy, Regina Spektor, The Perfect Measure, Chase Coy, & SayLoudShoutLouder. Their messages and their voices seem to carry something stronger than usual today.

The sun's now starting to slowly fall,
The man in white now does his call,
So set your eyes to sleep tonight,
And hopefully you sleep so tight.


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