Monday, May 31, 2010

You Call It a Bad Hair Day. I Call It Having a Little Lion in Ya.

Every thought is just coming aimlessly today.

I qualified for state in track. Yay. [I'm only a bit excited- that means I miss Dirk's grad party.] So, that meant I had to go to practice early this morning. It was pretty nice weather- just a bit humid. Oh, and cramps stink.

I know not all of you may be atheletes, too, but do you feel prettier after you exercise? Maybe it's just me, because I run with my hair down [yeah, it's hotter, but honestly it'd be more of a pain to get it all up], but after practice I just feel lovely. All my layers show in my hair, and I feel just like an untamed lion. :]

One of these days, I'll put a picture of myself in my "layered lion" hair. I just have to find a good enough picture, though.


I found these songs awhile back, then rediscovered them again yesterday. They're both going on the Vans Warped Tour this year, so that's exciting [since I'm hoping to go- maybe- if it's not all screamo]. I thought some of you all might like it, just 'cause you're cool cats like that. :]

If You Only Knew- Gardening, Not Architecture

[It kind of has an electronic feel to it.]

Make-Up Smeared Eyes [Acoustic?]- Automatic Loveletter

[This song is beautiful. It reminds me of a rainy day. That's the "official" video of it. Sorry- it seems a bit hokey, but I like the song.]

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