Sunday, May 9, 2010

This Special Sunday

As some of you might know, today is May 9th. Also, it's Mother's Day [in America- I'm not really sure if it is anywhere else]. It's that one day picked out as a holiday when you finally appreciate your mother for:

1. All of the help and love she has given you, since about 9 months before you were born.
2. The pain she had to go through to get you.
3. [For me], the amount of crap she has to take from you sometimes.
4. [For me, because I can't drive yet..], being your personal chaffeur.
5. How much she has to dish out for you.
6. What she's had to give up for you [possibly dreams].

Thank you, Mom- I Love You.

[Even though she can't see this.]

But, today's also a really odd day. Of course, Mother's Day changes every year [it's the 2nd Sunday of May, right?], but isn't it just uncanny that today in 1960 the FDA approved the sale of the birth control pill?

Haha- I just thought that little snippet of information was ironic.

Today marks the beginning of the week, and almost the end of the school year [June 1st for us]!

It actually makes me really sad. My best, closest friend is leaving high school this year to finally continue his life at a college [2-4] hours away, basically leaving me to fend for myself for the last two years of what I have left here.

It makes me sad, to look forward and know he won't be standing in our usual corner before school starts any longer, or his face won't be one of the many I see in the halls.

The scariest part is that it feels like once he's gone, he'll forget about me and leave me here [I've already started getting all emotional about it- I can't even imagine what I'll feel like his last day].

But, hey- I shouldn't be worrying about the future when it hasn't even happened yet. So, I guess I'm just going have to appreciate him while he's here.

You never know what you really have until it's [almost] gone.

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