Sunday, May 16, 2010

Six [Stores Galore]

Day 06 — Whatever tickles your fancy

So, I guess I'll just write a normal post. I had fantastic ideas for this post, but then it rained. :/ Sorry, I'm not really feeling that exciting/unboring today.

I went to the store today with my Mom, and noticed a couple of things there.

1. Parents are more likely to get things if their prices are extremely cut [like Nerds Ropes, for 37 cents :D].

2. It's really funny, to wear a pair of shorts and a tank top on a rainy Sunday day. One, because it feels kind of cold. And second, because it's "inappropriate" for Sundays, and I felt like a walking sin. [It was awesome, feeling rebellious. Yet the stares weren't that awesome]

3. I got a flashback when we walked by the lobster tank. When I was little, I used to love looking at my brother or sister through the other side of the glass. The lobsters would dance, pinching their claws together like castanets. I never knew why they were really there in the first place, nor did I care- they just looked happy.

Today, they just looked dead. Already in their watery tomb, dead. Their limp bodies were tangled over each other with no respect for their breath [I don't know what you'd call a "breath" for a fish]. A frown forced my face down.

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