Monday, May 10, 2010

Hey Monday! [ Mood: Tired/Insane.]

This is how tired I am. This seems SO nice right now. But sorry.

The band's actually extremely awesome, but today... not so much. :/

I actually took my [normally wasted] time to look up on Hey Monday's official website as to why they named their band that, and Cassadee [their lead singer, who is ahh-mazin'] said "Most people don’t really say they’re happy about a Monday, they view it like it’s the first day of the rest of their week, but Monday can also just be a new beginning..."

I wish I could have that awesome of a positive attitude today, haha.

[I hope maybe it worked better on you, though.] :)

Anyways, today for me fell drastically in mood.

For some reason, everytime I walk into Lowes [yeah, the hardware store. I know.], I feel completely inspired to do something. I don't even know what- just to make or design something beautiful. It must just be something unearthly in those magazines that make me hope for a happy life in a happy home.

Anybody else feel that way? :)

But yeah, we went to Lowes yesterday, so I was feeling really happy and positive for the future at the beginning of today.

Also, I was happy for only having two boxes of candy left to sell! :O

[I have to sell candy for $ to go on a trip to France with my school, but I have to earn every dime of it, and 15 year olds can't work in my state. The first $100 is due by the end of May, so I basically have to work my butt off selling candy. :/ ]

But then, this one recurring thought hit me again during school. It bugs the beejeezus out of me: Sometimes, I honestly think I'm insane.

Like, it might sound weird to you, but sometimes I swear I say my thoughts out loud, when they're meant to only be thoughts.

Every. Single. Thought.

And everybody's in on it, except me.

I can't even describe it. It almost makes me feel uncomfortable in my own mind, my own skin.

I don't know- it sounds crazy, right?

I think it's just a sign that my imagination is going a little too "out of the box."

Or I'm a bit too sleep deprived- haha.

I'm kind of too tired to go into more detail- I think I got the basics out.

Don't let the bedbugs bite. :)

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