Sunday, June 6, 2010

Smiling & Secrets Are My Favorite. :]

A Secret: Even though it's been a year or two since the Jonas Brothers were even popular, I still like him. But I didn't like him because he was famous. Or because he had money. I liked him because of how much he was going through, and what he was doing despite of everything holding him back. And he has a [metaphorical] accent- "sweet-ish." :]

"Smile, happy looks good on you." :D [Stephen Jerzak]

Another Secret: I wish I knew how to make everyone I care about smile.

My Final Secret [On Here]: I wrote this part of a song a while back, even though I don't really write songs. It's kind of embarrassing, but I've had this song in my heart for awhile. Like I sing it in the shower... in my head at school... yeah. Mix the tunes to Stephen Jerzakses songs "King", and "Cute," and you'll understand what I'm talking about.

Hey there sunshine,
Won't you be mine?
Out of the dark
You always show me the light
And then when I'm feeling down
You make the whole world seem bright.

Hey there baby
Just oh, maybe
We're both feelin' something
There's some energy here
So when we are together
Can I call you my dear?

And now we're both
Falling down
In love like the sunset
Watch it fall
Live it up
Because it can only last so long..
So longggggg

That's all I got. Hope you like it [I for sure do]. :]

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