Wednesday, June 9, 2010

51 Reasons Why I Think I Rock


I have this thing with lists... once I start with one, I can't stop at just one. :)

Okay, so I was surfing Google, when I came across a cool idea to blog about. I've been really down on myself lately, and it seems kind of like everybody else is, too, so I'm making it my duty [and everyone elses'] to make a list of 51 things [yeah, not 50. 50's too plain a number.] I [you] like about yourself. I won't tag people, but I want ALL of my faithful followers to at least attempt this, and publish their list. :]

1. I get very good grades at school.
2. I'm a mostly peaceful person.
3. But I'll take a stand for what I believe in.
4. I'm done with trying to "fit in" with other people. I either fit in as I am, or I won't at all.
5. I see with my heart, and not my eyes. I feel like a better person for it.
6. I'm a good friend to the people I truly care about.
7. I don't enjoy gossip. I think it's ignorant, a sin, and a waste of words.
8. I'll laugh at just about anything slightly funny.
9. I'm a fast sprinter.
10. I have the cutest bellybutton ever.
11. I make good [depression] brownies.
12. I have a "different" taste in music [compared to my friends, family, etc.].
13. I'm good at learning languages.
14. I'm a bit on the geeky side.
15. I'm a great speller.
16. I'm a "deep" kind of person.
17. I have AWESOME hair [Sorry. That's probably my favorite subject.].
18. I like writing.
19. I'm proud of my test-taking skills.
20. I want to help people when I grow up.
21. Apparently, people think I'm much younger than what I really am. Now if I could keep that up for the rest of my life... that'd be great. :]
22. High school's just a show, and I specifically don't try to be the star.
23. I'm easily inspired.
24. I set the bar high for myself, just because I want to treasure whatever it is more when I [hopefully] achieve it someday.
25. I'm really detailed with just about everything.
26. I have a strange obsession with sock monkeys.
27. I'm working hard everyday to realize my self-worth, and how great I really am.
28. I enjoy time alone just as much as I do with other people.
29. I don't wear a lot of makeup.
30. I like to use correct grammar. And spelling. ALL the time.
31. I'm a really bad liar [well, my parents say that's a good thing...].
32. I'm innocent [ if you know what I mean ;) ], and proud of it.
33. I can't take a nap [I do take pride in that, for some reason.].
34. I'm partially psychic.
35. I'm a dreamy kind of person.
36. As a baby, I had bleach-blonde baby bird hair that would stick straight up.
37. I'm left-handed.
39. I have pretty spectacular vision.
40. I go to a holiday called "Corn Day" every year. 'Cause I'm cool like that.
41. I like planning things out before I do them.
42. I refrain as much as I can from doing dangerous things.
43. I am healthy [most of the time].
44. I know song lyrics [although I don't feel free enough to sing them in front of people].
45. I have a good sense of style.
46. I like sayings.
47. I treasure my music more than my cell phone.
48. I'm a wiz at hide-and-go-seek.
49. I like animals.
50. I'm really stingy with money. Which allows me to save money, I guess.
51. I'm creative enough to come up with this many things I like about myself! :]


Kay said...

this is a nice confidence-booster idea :]

I, for one, am a GREAT nap-taker :D

Mack said...

Indeed! Try doing it the next time you feel down, really- it does wonders. :]

Yeah.. I'd like to say I'm jealous, but that'd just mess up my "streak" [I'm only proud of it because my parents always talk about how I would NEVER take naps when I was little, and it'd drive them up the wall] haha. :D