Saturday, June 19, 2010

I'm the Dirtiest Girl in the World [Thanks to my Mom]

Last night was the first night I fell asleep before midnight. It was a splendid sleep, too, except for after it when I woke up my throat was on fire [from falling asleep under the comforter].

I was 99.9% sure I was going to a play today. Turns out my Mom got the dates missed up, and really I'm going to see DreamGirls [the production!] tomorrow with her, my sister, and my grandmother.

But NOo, she just wanted to make sure I didn't have plans [or cancel them, like I had to] so I could wake up early and pick up trash along the Ohio River. It was alright, I guess- not the worst hour of my life. Possibly the itchiest and muddiest one, though. It was kind of like a Where's Waldo? search, except for trash in mud. [:

I actually got stuck in the mud, when I was overconfident in thinking I wouldn't sink in. WRONG. I got stuck 2 feet from the water's edge, and my sister had to [carefully] come to my rescue.

Let's just say I now know why cows get stuck in the mud, and tons of people have to help them out.

I also lost my bracelet Dirk [my best friend] gave me! :'[ At least I have another one, from the same place- just orange, instead of blue.

Along with my ruined shoes, muddy hands, and sandy knees, I also had a filthy mind, for some reason.

So, it goes to say [jokingly] that I was a very trashy/dirty girl today.

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Kay said...

ahaha all the dirty jokes you could make x]

dreamgirls? sounds cool :D