Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Blogger Award Say What? :D

So, there I was, just cruising along the internet, being bored out of my mind & checking out my reading list, when I see this interesting picture shown above staring me in the face [literally]. Curious, I clicked on the link to Ariella's page, and actually found out I. got. nominated. for. this. award [last but not least]. :D

It makes me really extremely happy and thankful, not only because this is my first award, but also because I kind of still consider myself a rookie on here [both in writing and in knowing how to do things on Blogger]. Naturally, I had no idea what to do about it. So, I waited for someone else to do a post about it. Finally, I've got it figured out.

Now on to the requirements!

First, I [the people nominated] have to post the weirdest picture I [the people nominated] have ever seen or taken. Well, I know the perfect one for sure. ;D

This is a picture I techincally did not take [I took one of the same exact thing, but mine was blurry, so I used one of my friends' to further explain why it is the weirdest picture I'd ever taken. That's what you get when you have a cheap camera.] When my French Club took a trip to Quebec, we saw these little buds [not exactly whistling while they work, huh?] in a little taxidermy museum. They are "preparing for hibernation", according to the plaque, I believe. It was the most hilarious, bizarre thing we had ever seen.

Oh, and I [the people nominated] also have to answer these questions:

Have you ever used Photoshop?

No, I can not say I have. I'm not really a photographer- I have a cheap old-ish camera my parents gave me because my Dad got a fancy new one for work. I wish I had a fancy camera, and some software, but for right now I'm just a girl with a camera, a dream, and an eye for beauty. :]

Have you ever wanted to kill your camera because you couldn't get the perfect picture?
YES. Once again, it's cheap, and my timing's off sometimes. That, and how it doesn't record sound, but it records video.

Have you ever taken a picture from the top of a very steep hill or a cliff?
Yep. I could blog all day and night about this one steep hill/cliff I am in love with. It isn't that high, but it's got the perfect view over my subdivision, and it's absolutely gorgeous. I'll save that for another post, though. :]

Oh, and now I have to nominate 8 lucky people to receive this award.I choose...

Kay from Cerulean Skies [because both her blogs deserve one :D]

Carly from Clones of American Girls

Breann from Ripping Wings Off Butterflies

Kathryn from *your biggest mistake

Shalia from Stop hate.Spread love☮

Tenley from Never Stellar

Dawson from little box of secrets♥

And, last but not least, Krista Lee from i'm wasting my time.

I wish I could just nominate everyone who reads my posts. You all are just great, and I enjoy every blog I follow really. THANK YOU! :D

[I also really like Ariella's blog, but am I allowed to nominate you for your own award? :)]


*Carly* said...

Thaank you so much!!:)

I'm wicked confused as to what i do with this award though? haha. i shall now answer said questions.

thank you!:)!
and congratss:)<3

Ariella said...

Taxidermy scares me. And you're right. That is one whacked out picture.
Not sure if you're allowed to nominate someone for their own award. I've actually never seen anyone who made their own award before... But I couldn't sleep at 2 in the morning, so I wandered through my pictures, found the deer with glowing eyes, and made an award out of it. Yes, in Photoshop. But the deer's eyes do glow in the original picture.