Thursday, June 10, 2010


I haven't giggled [yes, giggled] this hard, or been this happy this long, for a really long time. Actually, since last summer.

Sunday, my best friend randomly came up with the crazy idea to pronounce the word "crepe" like "crap", just with a fancy French accent. Over and over again. To give you a taste of what he said:

"Hello, sir, I'll take a 'crap' today, please."

[Even though he meant for it to be partially offensive to me, because I love French, I could help but laugh hysterically like an immature 6 year-old would. :D]

I can't remember a great [funny-wise] long period of time between now and last summer.

Last summer is when I got my first "real" boyfriend [real is in quotation marks, because it might as well been a long-distance relationship :/]. He always knew how to make me laugh, and I'd just go crazy laughing and talking with him on the phone. It'd make me feel young, and immature, and honestly, I liked it.

I don't want to date him anymore, and he has a girlfriend and seems perfectly happy with his life, but is it so bad to want him back in my life? I mean, he tried to still be friends with me after he broke up with me, but the "heartbreak" [pssh.] was so new, I couldn't handle it. He always said we could try on a friendship again later, but later came, and we still went back to ignoring each other.

I just miss laughing at ridiculously immature things [with somebody else], I guess [instead of laughing all by myself over movies I watched when I was 5, all while eating chocolate pudding].
Well, here, it's nearing nighttime. Sweet dreams, readers. :]

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