Tuesday, June 8, 2010

A Lonely Summer and a Long List

[A picture of our 'gang' several summers back. We dressed up like the parts of a hamburger for my sister's birthday. I'm the freaky one in the green shirt with my hair in my face, looking short and stupid. My best friend's right next to me- he's the tomato. :D]

Just saying, because of my guilty conscience, this isn't my own idea: personally, I found it first on Kay's blog Cerulean Skies, and then on Shalia's blog Stop hate.Spread love☮ [both of which I adore].

With my best friend (who is also my only friend who lives nearby) leaving for the summer, and then for college, this summer will be the loneliest yet. BUT, I don't plan on making it the most boring.

There are already some things I have to do, like:

[] Finish my summer work (before the last week of summer)
[] Do some things to earn some money (mostly for France, but some for me)
[] Practice doing the PSAT/ACT (thanks, Mom)
[] Volunteer doing different things (thank again, Mom, for signing me up to do things with strangers.)

BUT, there are some things I have set on my mind to do this summer, like:

[] Go to a concert (Not just ANY concert- a concert with one of my FAVORITE bands in it, hopefully, if any of them come around. Probably Warped, if my parents'll let me.)
[] Play outside with my dog in the rain (Even though it might be difficult- he hates it.)
[] Go on a run/jog every once in awhile (I live right next to a park, after all- it's not out of my way.)
[] Go up on my hill all by myself :] (I'll explain that when I do it.)
[X] Spend a whole day reminiscing (Preferably by watching old Disney movies.) It's one way to stay happy while being sick.
[] Make a new friend (OR, help a friendship blossom.)
[] Send my best friend a card/candy
[] Go on the Mystery Mine Rollercoaster again (Even though I was scared to death riding it the 1st time.)
[] Learn how to swim
[] Leave special messages in books (I actually have accidently done that before. But these will be on purpose.)
[] Try a new food/type of food I'd normally never attempt
[] Get a new hairstyle I actually can do (And like.)
[] Write a story I actually like (I'm not very good at them)
[] Go camping in my backyard
[] Dance down a busy street (as long as there's music)
[] Take more pictures than I ever have before
[] Appreciate something my Grandma picks out for me to wear/have (I'm not so sure I can 'like' something, though.)
[] Go on an adventure (Imaginary or not.)
[] Have a full-blown epiphany
[] Bake something (with or without setting anything on fire)
[] Draw up my future plans for my future house/cottage :]
[] Fully realize my self-worth; I am beautiful, and I don't need a guy to be in my life.
[] Update this blog as often as possible (In general and about these experiences)

I'm going to stop it at that- otherwise, I'll have too many things to do in one summer!


Kay said...

yee! :]

I especially love the one about reminiscing... that's a good idea

*Carly* said...

i just wanted to tell you, i love you're blog and i read every post, i'm sorry for not commenting :X but i will lots more now. think i'll make a list too:) great ideaa.

Mack said...

Thanks, Kay! :D It really was wonderful, even on the second day I did it. :] I'm probably going to do it a lot this summer, too.

Thank you too, Carly. :D I like your blog too; it's really great- deep, and always strikes a chord. :] I'm not big on commenting yet, either, but make a list! I'd love to see it :]