Monday, June 14, 2010

It Was A Dark & Stormy Night

I never understood why people don't like that line. It was probably the most original thing ever at the time. That and "once upon a time" are just the classics. And we treat our beginnings like they're any better? Pssh, it's just like that with preteens and their poppy, unoriginal musicians that they think are the best singers in the entire universe. Like I like the Jonas Brothers, but I understand they are definitely not the best singers in the world, let alone the first boy band ever created. Somebody was there acting like Lady Gaga and Miley Cyrus [and the Jonas Brothers] before they even came into play.

Speaking of musicians, you know what's worse than Justin Beiber? [Not that I personally don't like him- the hype over him is the worst part. I mean, seriously, people I know find a hobby in hating on him, but really they're just hyping him more..] A busload of teenage girls singing his songs for an hour straight. And not on tune, at all, when they thought they were such great singers. Trust me, it's worse.

That's the one part of the story I don't like to write- the beginning. Part of it is because I stink at beginnings. All I ever do is some trivial action, like the main character waking up, or getting a phone call. Or, in one specific case, taking a walk from a hill with an amazing view. :] [How do you guys write beginnings to your stories?]

But anyways, yeah, I also write this because it was a dark and stormy night here last night. The tornado sirens were going off at 10:30, and the rain poured down so hard that I couldn't see much farther than my window. It was the type of rain that would completely drench you in 5 seconds, and probably each raindrop would sting on your skin.

I felt kind of bad, because while my brother and sister were freaking out a bit, I sat there in the basement with them, typing this, grinning like an idiot. I adore the way storms cause so much hype, and the way they make my adrenaline pump through my veins like the crazy little hyper kid I used to be. I extremely wanted to go out and just feel it, even for just a minute. But with the lightning going off it was "dangerous" [sigh.. parents..].
I could only tell you now that staying up until 1:30 in the morning, watching the lightning light up the sky, was a bad idea, though.

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Kay said...

I love that type of weather more than anything else :]

beginnings? I don't really write beginnings as much as start at a random part in my story and try to craftily explain the things that had happened prior throughout the story :D