Saturday, June 26, 2010

"Inappropriate" Short-Shorts.

Sorry I haven't been writing lately. Nothing very "inspirational" has been through my mind the last couple of days.

I went to the mall with my friends [both named Lauren- that was confusing] and one of theirs' mum [yeah, I'm American, but I like the word "mum" more] & sister a couple of days ago. Let's just say waking up at 7 o'clock after sleeping for 6 interrupted hours for that wasn't my cup of tea.

Now, let me tell you something funny about my day. I only bought 2 things: a shirt & a rad necklace. Why this is so "funny"? Well, it all happened when Lauren's mom was with us, in American Eagle [which I kind of like, but their pants are too long for me]. And Hollister [My first time there; All I can say is that it smelt good, and some of their music was good]. And Aeropostale [cheap stuff, but cookie-cutter]. But specifically, in American Eagle, she picked up a pair of shorts. Ironically, the same pair I had wanted to buy. I have been WAITING to buy them for weeks, since I saw it first go online awhile ago. And what does she say?

"What kind of girl would want to walk around in these??" She asked us rhetorically, picking up the smallest pair in the pile [the size I would wear] and waving them around like somebody would tease someone else to buy an embarrassing a pair of underwear. "Walking around with their buttcheeks out?"

Actually, me [not the buttcheeks part, but those short-ish shorts], thanks. This was the mom, though, that I noticed never let her daughter wear shorts above her knee. And didn't let us be by ourselves the entire time. So, I just kept my mouth shut about still liking them.

The other Lauren [not her daughter] told her jokingly I liked them, but I tried to cover it up, saying I saw them only on the website. Her response: "Of course."


But, all I could think about was if Lauren's mom thought THAT about short shorts, did Lauren think the same way, too? I hope to goodness not, for her sake. I don't think so- I don't think someone THAT good as she is would be friends with me if she thought I was a slut.

So, yeah. I love my Mom. She's fantastic, especially for not making me that ridiculously "appropriate."

She Moves in Her Own Way- The Kooks.

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